Tell Me About Balloons!

Did you know that all latex balloons are fully biodegradable, they degrade in nature at the same rate as an oak leaf!  This is because latex is a natural product made from the sap of the rubber tree.  Latex is extracted from rubber but the tree is not cut down and can produce latex for over 30 years.  So when you have finished with your latex balloons you can pop them on your compost heap!

Bubble balloons are made from durable stretchy plastic which is why they are able to be sent for your enjoyment through the post. the type of plastic they are made from is called Polypropylene, which is very different to PVC or chlorine plastics.  Polypropylene is a product of natural polyolefin resins and due to how it is extracted from natural resources it become degradable meaning it won't sit in landfill for hundreds of years.

People talk about balloons being filled with helium but really it is known as balloon gas because it is the lowest purity helium and as a result is not suitable for medical use.  Balloon gas is unrefined and contains a mix of gasses.  Only 5% of helium extracted is used by the party industry world wide, to put things really into perspective an MRI scanner uses about 10000 litres of liquid helium - the equivalent of 211,888 balloons.